Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sod's Law

Well today I got to act in an industrial about criminal negligence in nursing! I played CNA #4. I even had lines! And, to top it all off, I'm getting paid for it too! Now, of course, Jake is wondering if we should move, since I've had a sudden jump in casting success. Of course, one industrial is not enough to deter me from my moving plans. Besides, if I'm starting to get paid and cast in projects after 2 years in LA, I figure I'm ahead of the curve! All of my research and planning though is pointing to one important thing. I need an agent. I should still, of course, continue my own research and contact casting directors etc., but I think an agent will really help get me past those "gatekeepers" I keep hearing about. Plus, I could use the advice on SAG, my image, all that important stuff that I just don't have the experience in the market to figure out on my own.

But huzzah, getting paid for acting! Now I just need to do this about 100 more times this year...

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