Saturday, February 6, 2010

What did I do for my career today?

I have created a time management table! My boyfriend convinced me that I should be working on my career 40 hours a week, and he's right, so I had to figure out where, between my part-time job(s) and all of my various projects, I could fit the time in. And I found the hours! Of course this means now that I have less time to waste on just vegging out, but that's probably for the best. My dad told me that successful people all share one trait - they spent the equivalent of 40 hours a week for 5 years practicing the thing they were ultimately successful at. My On-camera teacher, Brenna McDonough, said I should do something for my career every day.

So, today, I spent 8 hours dedicated to things for my career. I did some physical warm-ups and toning exercises, looked around for more roles to add to my resume, watched Playing Shakespear from the BBC and Royal Shakespeare Company, looked for a new Shakespeare monologue, and looked at examples of demo reels and headshots. I'm gonna want both when I move out to LA. I have a headshot now, of course, but I need a new one. I think most days are going to involve me doing something to do with all of these things.

I did get a call though from one of the roles I had applied for, a student film. The director liked my look, and wants to use me as one of the main roles. It's silent, and takes place in the Victorian era, so it'll be an interesting addition to my reel. Plus, he's making me a corset for it! I'm always up for a new one! It's a short film, the deadline is very soon, and he says he's a fast editor, so I should be getting some footage from him before I leave.

I've been looking for work and places to live in LA. It's not easy finding something in my budget in a place that's not a complete ghetto! I'm looking at a lot of different neighborhoods. I'd really like to be in Culver City, but the only places anywhere near there are in Hawthorne, which I don't know anything about but it looks kinda sketchy in pics. I'm also seeing some neat places in Van Nuys; again I don't know anything about it, and it's really far North of everything, but some of the apartments are beautiful! Unfortunately I can't just go and look at places, since I'm in Baltimore and can't just go look at anything I want, so I'm pulling some resources and having friends look at them for me. I'm gonna narrow it down first to just a few though, since I'm sure everyone is to busy to run all over the LA area for me! I'm very excited by this whole process though, and I'm looking forward to moving.