Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Award-winning work!

Last summer, I was priveleged to work on a project as a Production Assistant. We were making a "previsualization" or "previz," which is basically what you show to investors when you're trying to make a full-length film. We shot several scenes from a script called "Hot Flash" by Barbie DeSantis, directed by David DeBoy, and they were edited into a short trailer that gives a feel of the concept of the entire film.

Well apparently it was entered into the 3rd annual Indie Short Film Competition and won the Grand Prize for Best Short Film for 2009! They won a ton of prizes for it, you can see more about the competition and the other winners here. You can also watch the finished product and learn more about the project here.

I only had a small part in the process, basically as a gopher, umbrella holder, photographer, and wardrobe assistant, but it was tons of fun, and everyone I worked with was professional, kind, and extremely talented. I'm so proud of the work we did, and I hope it gets picked up and made into a full-length feature soon, it's such a great script!

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