Thursday, February 9, 2017

#CareerReboot Challenge Week 3: Branding images

This week let's talk about visual images. Sometimes it's helpful to find something symbolic that represents you, like an animal or a character. All product brands have a visual of some kind; a logo, a mascot, a symbol. Finding something along these lines may be helpful in visualizing your career direction and give you a better grip on your identity.

Let's start with something easy. Take an online quiz. Are you a fan of a particular film or TV series or book? There are literally hundreds of online quizzes to find out what character you are. PS this is helpful in figuring out type! Here are a few of mine:

My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie. (no one is surprised)

Game of Thrones: Cersei (I'm not so sure about this one!)

Harry Potter Hogwarts founder: Gryffindor

Speaking of Harry Potter, according to the Pottermore website, my house is Hufflepuff, my Ilvermory house is Horned Serpent, my wand is maple wood with a unicorn hair core, and my patronus is a dapple grey stallion.

Another symbol that has been appealing to me more and more is that of the butterfly. I'm really interested in the theme of transformation, especially as an actor. Maybe it's my theater background, but the thing I've always loved the most about acting is the opportunity to be a whole other person, and tell a great story.

The important thing about this exercise is to be honest in your answers, and not take it too seriously. This is just to get the wheels turning a bit!

If you want, share your favorites in the comments!

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